Marine Survey

Marine survey is an inspection of marine and river vessels that includes complex of survey inspections for receiving an independent expert assessment of the vessel's conditions.

JSC «Industrial risk» is ready to carry out the following types of  survey services for vessels:

Marine Survey

  1. Hull'n'Machinery Survey;
  2. Appraisal of vessel’s technical condition (Full Condition Survey, P&I Inspections); 
  3. Pre-purchase survey;
  4. On/Off Hire Survey;
  5. Bunker Survey;
  6. Independent investigations, loss and damage assessment,  marine accident  reconstruction;
  7. Supervision of performed repairs

Yachts, pleasure craft, small craft survey

  1. Full Condition Surveys;
  2. Statutory surveys, documentation checking;
  3. Seasonal boat pre-dockage & storage inspection;
  4. Boat / yacht commissioning / decommissioning;
  5. Supervision for small craft’ refit, repair, modernization;
  6. Damage surveys, accident investigation;
  7. Loading and off loading survey, pre-lifting inspection, monitoring the loading process;
  8. Inspecting the suitability of deck chocks, keel blocks and fastening;
  9. Inspecting the lifting equipment , hoists and arrangements (slings, spreaders) 

For more details please contact:

Yan Nikitin
General director

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