JSC «Industrial risk» provides hazard and operability study services (HAZOP).

Our engineers are ready to run HAZOP studies of your enterprise in short terms, all reporting documentation is compliant with the requirements of international standards and Russian standards  GOST R 51901.11-2005, GOST 27.310-95, GOST R 51901.1-2002, GOST R 51901.13-2005.

We provide complete consulting services in the course of all the HAZOP project.

HAZOP - is a procedure of identification and detailing of hazards and operability of a system. HAZOP study is used for identification of potential deviations from the goals of the design project, expertise of these deviations potential causes and assessment of potential consequences. 

HAZOP study is prepared for:

- Identification of potential hazards in the system. The hazards may relate to the system itself, but may also have a broader sphere of spreading, i.e. the hazards to environment;

- Identification of potential problems with the system's operability including the causes of operational occurrences and deviations in production leading to faulty production.

The result of HAZOP study is a report with effective recommendations for the Client to mitigate potential hazard and operability risks. 

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